This morning, we saw around the web how much Research In Motion really can't catch a break nowadays. The Inside BlackBerry Blog posted up an infograph detailing how the #BeBold tweets from New Year's Eve's Special had broken down. Unfortunately for RIM, people saw this as a possible marketing campaign in the making and the snowball began.

Headlines like "RIM: 'It's okay, we have super heroes,'" or "RIM Escapes to Fantasy World, Imagines Superheroes Will Save It... Literally" from some of the world's top tech blogs started to pour in. The ridicule was so overwhelming that it forced RIM to yet again answer "bloggers" by clarifying it was only an infograph for fun. The impression has stayed though. What was originally written will continue to permeate through people's minds regardless of what reasons are given after the fact.

So what is this infograph all about?

BlackBerry launched a campaign right before New Year's essentially asking what we would all be doing in 2012 by tweeting our answers with the hashtag #BeBold. The information below is how all those tweets broke down in a neatly and organized infograph. Some of the tweets, like the one from @mmbeachbum ("@BlackBerry I will be bold by completing a 100-mile bike ride despite ... missing some ribs from cancer surgery") really showed how proud some were about this New Year's Resolution #BeBold campaign.