With RIM's future most likely in the hands of what happens this year, it seems as though BlackBerry software licensing may be the company's most likely scenario. Earlier in the week rumors about a possible purchase from the mobile giant Samsung began to circulate, but were quickly deemed false. However, talks about other things may have been going on.

Samsung has denied claims that it has spoken with RIM about using BlackBerry software in any way. However, a report from a prominent shareholder say otherwise. According to this shareholder RIM has likely spoken with several handset makers about using BlackBerry 10 on their devices. In addition he believes that Samsung is in fact, interested in a licensing deal even though they say otherwise. "I'm secure they're talking about licensing stuff," he said. "I don't know if they're looking to buy the company and I don't care."

A licensing deal would help address the poor sales that RIM is dealing with their current OS 7 devices, and help them compete with Apple and Android devices. RIM is looking to repair a damages U.S market as well. All of this why the company is in the position of rethinking their strategy.

One thing to note is that we did hear from co-CEO Mike Lazaridis that RIM would be aggressive in making the right moves stating that they would leave "no stone unturned". Other analysts suggest that if RIM did allow enterprise services like BBM to be used by Samsung or an Android partner they would achieve "instant differentiation in the increasingly monochrome Android space,". Analyst are also saying that such a deal would give RIM's stock the much needed boost that it needs.

Even though all of this sounds good there seems to be some drawback as well. If RIM were to license out its software to other handheld makers where would that leave its existing devices. Would they then have to abandon the BlackBerry? In addition, most of this would have to go through RIM's co-CEO's Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis.

The future of RIM is yet to be decided. Whether its a sale, a change up in management, or licensing out BlackBerry software something is going to change. All we can hope for is that the right decision is made and that BlackBerry users will have the least amount of change as possible.