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    RIMís JanuBerry Giveaways Underway On Twitter With 10 Days of Prizes

    RIM is starting off the year with some nice giveaways. For the next 10 days RIM will be randomly giving away some nice BlackBerry gear. All of this part of their JanuBerry contest. So how do you win? Well, the short and sweet version is as follows:
    1. Follow @BlackBerry
    2. Answer the correct response to the question asked by RIM.
    3. The entrant who posts the 10th correct tweet in response to any given Contest Invitation will be eligible to win.
    4. If the 10th tweet does not contain the correct response, the subsequent tweet will be reviewed, and so on, until the correct response is found.
    Here are some of the prizes that will be offered:
    • 3 BlackBerry Bold 9900s
    • 3 BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 cases
    • 15 case of our choice codes
    • 3 BlackBerry Torch 9850s
    • 20 BBMing Gloves
    • 4 BlackBerry PlayBooks
    • 5 BlackBerry Beanies

    Unfortunately, this contest is only open to US and Canada residents. If you play your cards right you may be able to get a nice set of stylish cold weather gear from RIM.

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    Where are RIM's questions?

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