A new year means new things, and many of those new things will be electronics. The Consumer Electronics Show or CES, starts off the new year with a display of the years hottest gadgets it is also a place were tech giants can show off their latest projects. Like the other tech giants, the BlackBerry maker RIM is also there to make Bold statement.

This year it seems as though RIM has taken their marketing to the next level. Attendees reported that they were promptly greeted by a team of Blackberry ambassadors eagerly awaiting to connect with BlackBerry owners. RIM even took it a step further and offered limo rides and fresh batteries to those that requested it via BBM. All this to really say thanks for sticking with BlackBerry.

This week RIM has been showing off the much anticipated PlayBook OS 2.0. Its not all about glitz and glam here, it's about much needed functionality and productivity that was missing in the PlayBooks initial release. RIM also released a video walk-through of PlayBook OS 2.0 and another video showing off some nice remote features. It may be the right move at the right time as many say that OS 2.0 will make or break the longevity of the PlayBook. In addition, RIM formally announced OS 7.1 and many have found it to be a breath of fresh air on their new OS 7 devices. Mobile Hotspot and WiFi calling are just two of the new features of OS 7.1.

Last year at CES we saw that RIM's only focus was on the BlackBerry PlayBook. This year its full speed ahead for the company. The PlayBook's OS 2.0 will be the start of something fresh this year followed by the release of BlackBerry 10 devices later in the year. RIM is off to a good start this year.