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    BlackBerry Introduces: BlackBerry Fan Of The Month

    Speaking with BlackBerry's PR people at the BBM Ugly Sweaters event in NYC last month, one thing they kept on reiterating is how badly they are trying to connect with the BlackBerry community and each individual user. Today BlackBerry has shown how they are trying to do this as they introduced the BlackBerry Fan of the Month program with their first fan of the month: Brian.

    The BlackBerry Fan of the Month is exactly what you expect it to be, an interview with a hardcore BlackBerry fan. I definitely disagree with this assessment as I felt I was the BlackBerry fan of the Year to be completely honest, but regardless Brian definitely seems like he's worthy of the honor as well.

    According to the BlackBerry Official Blog:
    Brian is one of our most active #TeamBlackBerry members on Twitter (@BlackBerry, @BlackBerryHelp, @BlackBerry4Biz, @BlackBerryDev, @BlackBerryScene and @BlackBerryBlog) and we can count on him to be a helpful leader in our community. He’s the proud owner of a BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphone and an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. One of the main reasons Brian is our inaugural Fan of the Month is that he is always willing to lend a hand to other #TeamBlackBerry folks, whether he’s recommending a BlackBerry smartphone or passing along some #BBTips.
    Now all this is great, but RIM needs to take a serious look not only at their loyal fans that have positive things to say about BlackBerry but also at the die-hard BlackBerry users that point out the areas in which they can improve. Only then will they be able to realize that, even though there have been many positives, the way things have been going these last couple of years as a whole are simply not acceptable. If they can couple that negative but constructive feedback with positive PR generating programs like this one, BlackBerry's future can be bright.
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    One has to be a huge freak in order to be declared the BB fan of the month!

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    If he had a comb-over he could even beat me out for 1st place.

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