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    Call Blocker application from EpicDraws!

    Are you tired of being annoyed? Sick of telemarketers? Got an ex-partner you don't want to hear from? Use Call Blocker!!!

    Call Blocker allows you to select numbers from your call logs, contacts and by hand to block. With a single click you can also block Private numbers, and numbers that aren't in your contacts.
    No need to be interrupted during dinner. Just set the calls you want blocked and they will be directed to voicemail!


    • Block individual numbers
    • Block area codes
    • Block contacts
    • Block from call logs
    • Block private numbers
    • Block numbers not in phone book

    This application has become one app that I MUST use! I received so many unwanted calls by numbers I was unfamiliar with. With app that is no more! Be sure to pick this up Call Blocker At our store TODAY!!

    Be sure to visit the Call Blocker Discussion Thread
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