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    Berry Wars! From EpicDraws!

    Berry Wars brought to you by EpicDraws!

    Here is a throwback to the TI-83 calculator days: Berry Wars! Based on games like Dope Wars and Drug Wars, Berry Wars pits you as a drug dealer in New York. You start out with a small amount of money, and 30 days to prove yourself in the business.
    The idea of the game is very simple: buy low and sell high.

    New York is not a safe place for a drug dealer, so you have to buy guns to protect yourself, and armor like coats to protect yourself, as well as hold more drugs. When you enter new locations, the locals might try to pick fights. You have to choose to fight back and risk damage, bribe them most of your money to get them to leave, or to try to run away. But if you get caught running, you usually catch quite a beating.

    Getting money is shady, and you can visit the Loan Shark once a day only. When you apply for a loan and you are offered whatever amount he pleases, take it or leave it! Each loan starts to add up with interest and once your debt gets way to high, he sends out his clan to rough you up! So make sure you watch out!

    If you manage to survive all 30 days, you can post your high score. Coming soon will be a worldwide scoreboard where you can see how you compare to everyone else. For now, the top 10 high scores are saved.

    • Full touch support for the Storm -- navigation is handled by swiping between screens which provides for an intuitive and easy to use app
    • Save your game at any time and come back to where you were--even after a battery pull!
    • Post your high score locally to see how you compare to others on your phone--coming soon Worldwide Score Boards!
    • Tons and tons of replay value -- based on our algorithms, no game EVERY plays the same. You can always strive to hit an ever higher score. Over time updates will come out to tweak the game, but current high scores will always stand!
    • Great graphics -- this app is loaded with colorful graphics to help with gameplay. The screens look great on the Storms screen and is just one reason why Berry Wars is a STORM EXCLUSIVE APP.

    With this game you cannot go wrong! How many people can say, “This game use to be on my calculator and now I can have it on my phone!” That itself is a great deal breaker! There will be no disappointment with this highly addicting and high selling game from EpicDraws.
    Be sure to check this out Berry Wars in our store TODAY!!!

    Be sure to check out the Berry Wars discussion thread out!
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