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    Word Shuffle from EpicDraws!

    Word Shuffle from EpicDraws!


    ~This is the next addicting BlackBerry Storm game on the market! Given a scrambled set of letters, see how many words you can find! But theres a catch, you only have 2 minutes and you have to get a certain amount to move to the next level. Fully functional with the phones touch and click screen. Swiping to complete actions such as left and down to delete and confirm selection. Vibrating feature to alert player of time running out! With more than 100 levels of Word Shuffle with more being added daily! Word Shuffle is a visually stunning and very enticing the player to keep the eyes on the screen while playing.


    • Over 100 levels!
    • Designed for Blackberry Storm
    • Full touch support--swipe to do things!
    • Vibration support--pulses when you are running out of time!
    • Highly addicting gameplay
    • New words being added in updates
    • Uses TWL dictionary--same as Scrabble tournaments!

    ~~There is not many games that get me drawn into a game like Epic has done with Word Shuffle. It's pure addicting the moment you hit the button to start a new game.
    This has made my phone without a doubt, much more enjoyable and making me look at it as a "toy" again.

    ~~~This is certainly a must have application for you BlackBerry Storm! There will be no disappointment with the service and addicting gameplay with this game!
    Pick this app up today, in the BBOS Store

    Be sure to check out the Word Shuffle discussion thread!!

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