About a month ago RIM formally announced the BBX brand name at DevCon Americas in San Francisco. It was not long before the company was hit with their first legal battle regarding the name "BBX". The software company BASIS International Ltd filed a lawsuit stating that the name is causing great confusion with in its world wide customer base.

In an update to the lawsuit BASIS has filed for a temporary retraining order against RIM's use of the term BBX. This retraining order would prevent RIM from utilizing the word in their upcoming Asian DevCon in Singapore on December 7 and 8. A statement in support of the retraining order BASIS Chairman and CEO Nico Spence had this to say:
"Because of the ubiquity of the Internet, as well as the intentional use of this and other technologies to reach the entire world, the geographic reach of the conference is greatly amplified. As a result, BASIS customers and potential customers from the United States, Asia, and other locations throughout the world will be exposed to RIM's use of the BBX mark at the conference."
He went on to say: "BBX's reputation of platform independence that BASIS has carefully nurtured and promoted for over a quarter of a century is being systematically wiped out by RIM. The extent of the realignment of the world's media to immediately associate BBX with BlackBerry, and therefore a single platform, is perfectly illustrated by blog entries such as this one from earlier today. Software developers interested in selecting a platform-independent development tool won't take the time to discover that BASIS' BBX is not the same as BlackBerry BBX."

It seems pretty clear that BASIS isn't giving up easy on this fight. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office there are over 15 other companies or organizations that are utilizing the name BBX. Maybe these companies will follow suite to reclaim their name.