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    RIM's Stock Rises 8.4% As Birinyi Picks Them For 2012

    Tuesday morning, Veteran investor Laszlo Birinyi went CNBC to present his stocks picks for 2012 and Research In Motion Ltd (RIMM) made his short list of 5 stocks to rise in 2012. After being met with intrigue as to why he chose RIMM, Birinyi explains that the "brand" and "the fans," along with a potential for innovation point RIM's stock to go up. He goes on to explain how back in 1997, his first stock pick for 1998 was a $7 stock called Apple.

    After his picks were made public, Research In Motion's stock went up as much as 8.4% during the day and closed out 5.4% up.
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    I think who ever knew he would pick RIMM made a lot of money today.

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