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    Major BlackBerry Deals At Costco

    Holiday season is in full swing and that means BlackBerry smartphones are dropping in prices. If you're anything like me, this is a glorious time of the year. Bless my dear daddy, who jokingly walks over to me while I'm setting the table for Thanksgiving lunch to ask me how much AT&T sells the Bold 9900 for. Curious, I answer him and question his motives. He then proceeded to tell me that Costco has the AT&T Bold 9900 for $49.99! And even more than that, other carriers are having tremendous deals on top of that. I could not believe my eyes. I was a little confused by the website setup at first, thinking that I would have to get a new line in order to partake in this deal but luckily I snooped around a little more with my dad's help and realized that I could in fact get the Bold 9900 for $49.99.

    • AT&T:
      • White/Gray Torch 9810 - $0.01
      • Black Bold 9900 - $49.99

    • T-Mobile:
      • Black Bold 9900 - $149.99
      • Black Curve 9360 - $49.99

    • Verizon:
      • Black Bold 9930 - $89.99
      • Fuchsia Curve 9330 - $0.01

    Sure, it's not a white Bold 9900, but a deal this great is pretty hard to pass up when I'm this obsessed with new electronics and their holiday deals. One other thing is that you can only receive this discount if you order online. This worked out well for my parents, who wanted to give me the 9900 for a holiday and/or birthday gift, so instead of waking my daddy up at the break of dawn to go wait in line for it so I could have it tomorrow, it's going to be shipped to his house and I'll have to wait until a later date to finally un-box my own BlackBerry Bold 9900. I'm willing to wait for now because this is just so amazing.

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    curve 9360
    just checked it was 99 and not 49 fir the bold 9900 with

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    Well considering I bought one myself, I'm well aware of the price. That being $49.99. This was on Thanksgiving. Costco could have easily changed the price since then. Also if you note the picture above, it clearly states that the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 was $49.99. I'm going to assume the price you saw is not the same phone deal I was referring to in this article, but I'll be sure to go look myself later on to post a new article on that phone deal.

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    Yes, as I thought, Costco has raised the price since the 24th. It is currently at $99.99. I still think this is a steal though.

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