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    Black Friday Savings of $300-$350 on BlackBerry PlayBook at Staples

    In this Staples ad, the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB is listed at $199, 32GB at $249, and 64GB at $399. These rumored yet unbeatable savings have yet to be officially confirmed by either RIM or Staples, but that doesn't mean those creating their pre-Black Friday holiday wish-lists haven't started scribbling excitedly for a PlayBook all their own. While we're still uncertain if this will actually turn out to be true, that doesn't change the fact that I've already begun my Black Friday plan to get to the electronics section before all the PlayBooks are gone. Someone get me some extra hot coffee, that's going to be one long and hectic night!

    • Making your own Black Friday to-do list to get a PlayBook? Tell us which size you would get!

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    Why are we, The Dutchies, left out in this sweet deal again :angryfire:
    RIM, drop the prices here, Cookie wants a 64GB PB

    And I almost forgot.... A very special "Cookie welcome" to Robyn*

    * just ask around

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