Imagine unlocking your house door or gaining access to your company building by simply waiving your BlackBerry in front of the doors card reader. Assa Abloy AB, the world's leading lock group announced Tuesday that they are collaborating with RIM to include key-card technology in upcoming BlackBerry models.

Assa Abloy stated that they will be using NFC ( Near Field Communication) as the primary means of communicating between the BlackBerry and the card reader. The idea is that the BlackBerry will replace regular access cards. All that the user would have to do is simply wave their device in front of the doors card reader to gain access.The devices that will have this are to include the Bold 9900/9930 and BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360. A nice plus to this is that the phones will be able to work with existing door systems. We can expect to see this by early 2012.

Its seems as though there will be quite a few surprises for us in " early 2012" as that seems to be when the majority of new things from RIM will be available. So be prepared for some great new things from RIM in 2012.