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    BBM for Android? Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    This morning, the blogpsphere went crazy with pictures of a possible leaked BBM for Android build. There had been rumors circulating a few months ago about the possibility of RIM bringing BBM to Android at one point in time, so it was expected that everyone would jump on this as soon as they could. Unfortunately though it seems there are a couple of reasons as to why this is definitely fake.

    Notice the similarities between the two pictures above? Yeah that's because they're the same picture. It seems whoever "leaked" these pictures is a fan of the BlackBerry Develope Blog. A simple job of photoshop seems to be the explanation for this picture.

    A fellow blogger also pointed out something very interesting about the screenshot. It shows this person's contact profile as having a BBM connected app integrated to it. As we know, BBM connected apps are fairly new even in the BlackBerry ecosystem. This SDK is only available for the BlackBerry Java OS which would make it impossible for there to be ANY Android BBM connected apps.

    This last picture pretty much just shows an icon labeled "BBM" which simply made me laugh. One thing I am sure RIM would not allow, if they ever make BBM cross platform, is for the icon name to not show the word "BlackBerry." If this ever happens, you can bet Research In Motion will make sure "BlackBerry" is as prevelant as possible.

    For now, BBM will be sticking to the BlackBerry OS only. So everyone that got worried can exhale for now.
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    C'mon, they could have photoshoped the pic better than that! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Jerde View Post
    C'mon, they could have photoshoped the pic better than that! lol

    Lol.I think RIM isn't that stupid to make BBM cross platform.They might lose some users if it's made that !

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