RIM looking at possibility of customizing lock screen on BlackBerry
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Thread: RIM looking at possibility of customizing lock screen on BlackBerry

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    RIM looking at possibility of customizing lock screen on BlackBerry

    Lock screens on devices have become an important part for many smartphone manufacturers. No longer is it just a place to enter your passcode, but rather a place to see pertinent information without unlocking your device.

    Research In Motion is currently looking at a few different concepts for its lock screens. It's uncertain if these concepts are for OS 6/7 devices or QNX, but I am interested to see a native lock screen similar to apps like bLOC.

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    I like the "My Stuff" screen. That would be great for the working person with important info without having to search for it.
    I think that RIM should allow users to choose for a pared down list that they get the strongest feedback on...
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