Rumor of PlayBook being discontinued shot down by RIM as fast as it came out
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Thread: Rumor of PlayBook being discontinued shot down by RIM as fast as it came out

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    Rumor of PlayBook being discontinued shot down by RIM as fast as it came out

    This morning, a rumor circled the web that suggested RIM woud leave the tablet market and discontinue the production of the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is all due to "Collins Stewart analyst John Vinh stating that RIM’s manufacturing partner Quanta had been ordered to discontinue production of the BlackBerry PlayBook in light of weak sales." Unfortunately for this very famous anti-BlackBerry blog, it seems they forgot to check what Research In Motion had to say about it. BlackBerry's official twitter responded with the above tweet and denied any plans of stopping production of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

    Quanta has apparently stopped half of its production of PlayBooks recently. But if this rumor about Quanta no longer producing future PlayBooks holds true, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of the PlayBook as a whole. Why? Well RIM could simply be looking for someone else to make the PlayBook. With the recent launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is also produced by Quanta looks exactly like a PlayBook, it's no surprise Research In Motion might have gotten fed up with them and decided to look elsewhere for production on future models.

    Add to that, the fact that there are a lot of still unsold PlayBooks that RIM is trying to get off the shelves and there's your answer as to why there could be a slowing down of PlayBook production. Either way, Research In Motion has confirmed it is still strongly behind the PlayBook and will not stop supporting it.
    • Research In Motion is supporting the BlackBerry PlayBook, are you as confident in it as well?
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    Since there are still so many left on their shelves, maybe a price break will occur?
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