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    BlackBerry App Developers Make More Money Than iOS and Android Developers

    According to many, BlackBerry as a platform is starving on the app front. The biggest argument I have with iOS and Android users is about how our apps suck and our phones are slow. Obviously we know this isn't totally the case as many of us depend on certain killer 3rd party apps that hard working developers make. With the launch BBM 6 and many apps becoming BBM-connected, developers are definitely helping make BlackBerry a stronger app based platform.

    This investment seems to be paying off for developers as well. A recent study conducted by Evans Data Corp asked which platform's developers make the most money and the results were surprising. According to the study, 13% of BlackBerry app developers make over $100,000; which "considerably more than Android or iOS developers."

    For some this is shocking, but I believe there's a certain logic to this fact. In an "app-starving" ecosystem, users are more likely to pay for solid apps than users on a platform that have 15 versions of the same app, with 10 of those versions being free. Apps like QuickLaunch, BerryBuzz, BerryWeather; etc, might not have had as much success on a platform that has 6 other developers making apps with similar concepts and offering them at half the price or even for free. So while for the users, app prices might be higher than on other platforms due to lack of strong competition; for developers, the BlackBerry platform is still ripe for the picking.

    The message to developers is clear: We want good apps and we're willing to pay for them.
    • If you're a developer, does this study make you want to get more apps out there for the BlackBerry platform?

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    The biggest reason BlackBerry developers make more money is because most of their apps are business related. One should also look at the over all picture here when comparing developer salaries. I am not so sure that people that performed these studies look at just how many Android developers there are compared to BlackBerry developers. I am willing to bet the ratio is like 10 to 1 Android and Apples favor. So I would be curious to see how many developers they actually compared. To me the basis is of purchasing an app is based on what it can do for me that boosts my productivity. For games its a little different I am more inclined to purchase based on the quality.

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