Analysts have been bashing RIM the last few months due to several reasons. With recent release of BlackBerry 7 devices though, certain analysts have released positive news about Research In Motion. According to the Financial Post, Mike Abramsky, the managing directory of global technology research for RBC Capital Markets, went to 40 retail stores to get out BlackBerry inventory and how sales were going. His report:
On the one hand, sell through of the Torch 2 at AT&T appears light, with no sell-outs (similarity with the existing Torch could explain why). On the other hand, sell through of the Bold 9930 and full touchscreen Torch 9850 at Sprint appears healthy, with 20% of stores sold out of the Bold 9930, reflecting its novelty/popularity.
The lack of sales of the Torch 2 makes a lot of sense, since most people are simply waiting for the Bold 9900 to be released by AT&T (hurry up already). It's also no surprise that the Bold 9930 has sold so well already as it has been the most hyped BlackBerry device of 2011. We're happy to see these results so far. I personally have been to two Verizon stores that have been sold out of 9930s and one Sprint store that only had the display unit available.
  • What about you? Has it been difficult to find a BlackBerry 7 device in your area?