The Curve series has been around for a long time. It's not like the Style, Torch, or even Tour series that have only a couple of phones to show. The Curve series has had four different phones out already (about 10 Curves if you count different carrier versions like 8310 and 8330) with two more in the works. While the BlackBerry Curve 9360, and the Curve Touch 9380 have been overshadowed, and rightly so, by the new BlackBerry 7 devices, we've still heard so much news about them. While neither one of these phones have been officially announced yet, many are excited for these devices, myself included. My first BlackBerry ever was a Curve 8310 so this series definitely holds a special place in my heart. Personally, I feel that if RIM can make this device as solid as the Torch 9850/9860, it will be one of the hottest selling phones out there and here's why.

The Curve series has always been the most popular of all the BlackBerry devices for many reasons. Since the introduction of the Bold series, which has taken the "flagship" device role, the Curve series has gained the reputation as a solid yet affordable BlackBerry. People who want a BlackBerry but simply don't want to pony up $250+ can usually afford to get a Curve. That attracts many people including teens, a huge demographic for any cellphone manufacturer, to buy their phones. Also the Curve series is the most popular BlackBerry among prepaid devices. Carriers usually don't like to give their customers expensive devices when they're on a pay-as-you-go type of plan for obvious reasons. This has made the BlackBerry Curve such an appealing device for those carriers to offer. Most of them can't offer high end Android devices nor can they offer the iPhone. If their customers want a smartphone, BlackBerry will always have a great representative.

Unfortunately though, after the Curve 8900, the Curve series has felt too cheap. Lacking even a flash for the camera, RIM needed to put out a solid version of popular device.

Enter the BlackBerry Curve 9360 and Curve Touch 9380

According to multiple reports across many blogs, the 9360 and 9380 will be the best Curves to date. Even though they are still considered the low-end of the BlackBerry universe, the new Curves will feature internal specs that are actually better than the top BlackBerry 6 device, the Torch 9800.

Research In Motion has also heard the complaints about the bad camera and lack of flash and has included a 5MP camera (that has flash) and also records HD video. Add to that to the snappy OS that is BlackBerry 7 and you have a great combination as well.

The fact that RIM has decided to make two different types of Curve, a full QWERTY keyboard one and a full touchscreen one is also a brilliant move. The touchscreen is here to stay. Whether you are a fan or not, one thing is undeniable, touchscreen phones sell. Research In Motion needs to sell more phones. Giving people an option of either a high-end BlackBerry touchscreen (Torch 9850/9860) or a more affordable touchscreen device (Curve Touch 9380) only gains you more popularity and favoritism in the public's eye.

Doesn't the Curve Touch 9380 remind you of another BlackBerry?

Scroll back to the top of the article where the Curves are all lined up. Doesn't it remind you of a certain phone that Verizon has carried for a long time? Yes it looks a lot like a BlackBerry Storm 2. Research In Motion has been careful to escort the Storm series out the door while still keeping and releasing a phone that's pretty similar looks wise. True, the Curve 9380's touchscreen does not click, but that technology is not coming back (sorry folks). Many people have also complained about the Torch 9850/9850's buttons not being flush to the screen like the Storm 2. If this is that big of a deal breaker for you, then maybe a Curve Touch is the way to go.

In essence what Research In Motion has done with the Curve Touch is downgrade the Storm look to a Curve level, gotten rid of the negative history tied to the "Storm" name, and come out looking like their giving their customers even more options for devices instead.

The Curve series unfortunately took a hit with the 85xx phones not having OS 6 support and the Curve 3G was not really different aside from adding OS 6, a 3.2MP camera and not really changing anything else. With these upcoming devices though, the Curve series will be extremely well represented in the BlackBerry 7 lineup. It is a little strange to see Research In Motion still not announce either of these devices officially, but one can only hope it's for a good reason. So if you're reading this, let's get these devices announced already RIM. We want our new Curves.
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