Sprint to launch the BlackBerry Torch on August 21st
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Thread: Sprint to launch the BlackBerry Torch on August 21st

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    Sprint to launch the BlackBerry Torch on August 21st

    We got word, and the above image today, that Sprint plans to launch their release of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 on August 21st. This will be the first all touch screen BlackBerry for Sprint. Sprint announced the 9850 last week, but only said it would be available "this fall". The 9850 will be available for $449 with no commitment or $149 on a 2 year contract after an instant mail in rebate. So who is getting one? Sound off below and let us know!

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    Too bad I can't get Sprint here in the foothills where I live. It'll work great just about everywhere else I have to travel to, just not at home.
    Hey, maybe that can be my excuse to my wife..."Sorry honey, I don't get signal at home with Sprint, couldn't run to the store like you wanted me to." Maybe a new advertising gimmick?
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