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    British Parliament asks RIM to shut down BBM

    The recent rioting have put RIM in the front page of news again for unfortunate reasons. RIM has decided to help out the police and other authorities and this has resulted in retaliation from the rioters by hacking their blog. Now add to the mix pressure from the British government to shut down BlackBerry Messenger for the time being along with other social networking sites.

    Tottenham MP David Lammy has gone on record as saying he believes shutting down BlackBerry Messenger for now would help calm the riots and these people would not be able to communicate as effectively between each other in an encrypted forum. While this might sound like a good idea at first, shutting down a service like BlackBerry Messenger or Twitter would only enrage these rioters even more who do not seem be at all thinking logically anyways. Social networking is not only being held responsible for the problem, but networks like BBM have also helped people avoid areas where riots have sprung up and in some cases been beneficial instead of detrimental.

    Do we honestly believe that if the rioters would've taken to Google Talk instead of BBM, the British Parliament would be asking Google to take its IM service down? Even if they did, Google's response would probably be to laugh in their face.

    We'll see if Research In Motion releases a statement about the events occurring these past few days or not. We'll keep you updated with the latest.

    Do you think RIM should shut down BBM to help with the riots? Let us know!

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    This is bull****...

    Are they going to ask carriers to stop texting, phone calls, email... They can not stop human communication.
    They need to handle this on there own!

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    Blame shifting. This crap is p!ss!ng me off.

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    I'm surprised that the federal governments around the world haven't made RIM provide them a backdoor in to the likes of BBM et al. They "convinced" PGP to do it about 10 years ago.

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