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    Cool Verizon release dates leaked online for BlackBerry Torch 9850 and Bold Touch?

    Are you dying to know when that shiny new BlackBerry with OS7 will launch on Verizon?

    Well, today on twitter, excitement was created when @liquidcyber tweeted the details of Verzion’s upcoming inventory and it read’s as follows:


    Moto bionic pushed back to September

    Xoom 4g upgrades-devices have to be sent back here to be updated (around 8/11)

    Samsung 10” tablet-should be available some time next week but will not be stocked in all stores due to cost. We will bring in about 10 of each.

    Convoy 2-first release date given 8/4-please wait to check tags for orders placed! I will update you when I know!

    Rim torch- 8/25 (not sure if we will carry-will keep you updated)

    Bold-replacement due date 8/10
    If these dates are true, we are less than two weeks away from the Bold Touch being released on Big Red!

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    Ok guess I need to clear the air a little. I work for one of the largest Retailers Verizon has Not for Verizon direct. The information I posted yesterday was sent to me from are invetory dept of when we are expected to receive those phones in our warehouse. That being said I'm not sure if those phones will be loaded into Verizons system for activation. I've had phones before in our warehouse for weeks before we could sell and activate them. Soooo if I do get these phones in our over 450 stores across the US I'm sure we will be taking orders for them and ill disclose where you can get them first. The buzz is unbelievable for these phones and I hope Verizon and RIM do get them out on these dates. Thx for listening.
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