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    Argentina will start manufacturing BlackBerry smartphones in October

    RIM does it again, they have locked down sales in another country in the southern hemisphere. They are spread the BlackBerry wealth across the world. Argentina will now start to manufacture BlackBerry smartphones starting in October, 2011. This is great news for Argentiniens, these means that they will be able to experience the wonders of BlackBerry, and the glitches and the forever promise of future devices lol.

    Tierra del Fuego will be carrying these devices and will be manufacturing a ton of them. Over 5 million cell phones were manufactured in Tierra del Fuego in 2010 and government forecasts suggest 8 million will be assembled and shipped this year. Would the entire 3 million unit increase be BlackBerry Devices?

    Congrats to Argentina, on this new venture!

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    I understand RIM's strategy with their BlackBerry product. It is as simple is this, don't place all of your eggs in one basket. They are ensuring the survival of at least their product by selling as many units as they can in any country of the world that will accept them. Face it, yea the BlackBerry has glitches sometimes, but the email security is second to none. I believe that the BlackBerry infrastructure along with the BlackBerry device's capability to generate an encryption key with every email sent from the BlackBerry smart-phone are the single greatest BlackBerry inventions that has allowed RIM to remain competitive from day one. And I believe is also the driving power that interests government agencies all over the world; hence the success in Argentina.

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