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    AT&T lists 3 for the Torch, .141, .246, and .526.
    Now, there is a leaked .600 which will be official by the end of the week. I don't think that I will see AT&T releasing the .600 before my Torch dies.

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    bgr hates RIM, its as simple as that. I read the articles and laugh, i cant even take him serious anymore especially since he has so many un-named Very reliable sources. IMO, i think RIM is right to push the updates for their phones. I think its the carriers fault that were not seeing these devices. Look at the 9650 for example, sprint launched way before verizon did and to be honest, i think the sprint build that was loaded on the phones was better than what verizon approved. We see so many leaked updates that perform so much better than what the latest "official" update is.

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