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The most recent news confirmed by a Verizon CMO is that 3 BlackBerry devices will be coming to Verizon this year. I'm betting that the S3, which will release as the Torch 9850 will be on the list. I remember a couple months ago a video leaked, which was quickly yanked by RIM, that showed the 9850 with a Verizon logo on the back. So RIM and Verizon have had these plans for some time now.
Don't know about Jrod, (we're both AT&T customers), but not matter what Verizon releases, I will be unable to use their service due to my home location. Big red has no towers up here and AT&T won't allow them to rent space on their towers. As it is now, I can get 2-3 bars depending on different locations within my home, as well as outside. I have hills all around my house except for a small valley area where signal can get through. AT&T is the only one of the Big 3 that I can use at my home.