According to Comscore's latest report, RIM has taken the biggest hit in US market subscribers, slipping 4.5 points to a share of 27.1 percent. While Android's share of the US smartphone market jumped six percent in the three-month period to land at 34.7 percent, putting them in the lead that RIM once held. And while RIM had a big drop, it still was enough to stay ahead of Apple, who sits at 25.5 percent.

Let's not beat around the bush here. It is the lack of production from RIM to be able to push out the line of upcoming BlackBerry devices into the market that caused such a shift in the rankings. And while RIM has had a lot of their focus on the tablet market with the relatively successful PlayBook, as they try to find a place in the growing number of users who use tablets - it shows this shift in focus has affected the Smartphone end, as many BB users lose patience. RIM did officially announce the Bold 9930/9900 at BlackBerry World 2011 last week, and Vodafone UK has also announced that they will be carrying the new Bold Touch device, but is it already too-little too-late to take the lead back in the coming months? It makes one wonder how many will be holding off or jumping ship until the new devices are in the hands of Smartphone users.