Canadian founder of Research in Motion, Mike Lazaridis, abruptly ordered a BBC journalist to stop their interview over questions about BlackBerrys in India and the Middle East. Lazaridis went on to say:

“That’s just not fair,” “We have no security problem. We’ve got the most secure platform. We’ve just been singled out because we’re so successful.”
Cellan-Jones had asked if the RIM had fixed the problems it was having with governments in India and the United Arab Emirates which were demanding the ability to monitor data over its secure corporate BlackBerry service. When Cellan-Jones pressed Lazaridis, asking if he could “confidentially tell” customers in India and the Middle East that they could keep using their BlackBerrys, Lazaridis exploded:

“The interview is over. You can’t use that, Rory. It’s just not fair. This is a national security issue. Turn that off.”