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    RIM Press Release: RIM Expands Application Ecosystem for Android Apps!

    Android OS Developers will now be able to bring thier apps to the BlackBerry as RIM officially announces the expasion of the application ecosystem for the PlayBook. The BlackBerry PlayBook is scheduled to launch in the U.S. and Canada on April 19. Here are the highlights:

    • BlackBerry PlayBook to support BlackBerry Java and Android apps
    • Native C/C++ development support added, in addition to HTML5, Flash and AIR support
    • Support from leading game engines: Ideaworks Labs (AirPlay) and Unity Technologies (Unity 3)
    • BlackBerry PlayBook becomes a new market opportunity for all the developers who have already created over 25,000 BlackBerry Java apps and more than 200,000 Android apps

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    Well done RIM. Now lets hope the other components to this success come along nicely.

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