From Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. RIM and Telefonica today announced that they are working together to introduce BlackBerry App World with integrated carrier billing on a global basis. Carrier billing will allow Telefonica customers to purchase apps from BlackBerry App World and charge the purchases directly to their monthly bill. Customers will also be offered the flexibility of charging in-app purchases to their carrier bill which allows for the purchase of digital goods to be made without interrupting their application experience. Patrick Spence, Regional Managing Director for RIM, tells us:

“BlackBerry App World is now available in over 100 countries. Integrated carrier billing will make it easier than ever for Telefonica customers to purchase apps for their BlackBerry smartphones.”
Joaquín Mata, Global Head of Financial Services for Telefónica, says:

“Carrier billing is a payment method that brings a unique user experience and will further develop the on-device virtual goods and applications business.”
This type of integration is great for the user experience. Just one less bill to have to sort out of the stack of many.