Well, it's official. Flickr, the photo sharing app for BlackBerry, will soon be discontinued by RIM. The date to discontinue Flickr is set for March 1st. Here is the link to article in the Knowledge database that says it all. The article states:

"As of March 1st, 2011, BlackBerry smartphone users will not be able to download or use the Flickr Uploader for BlackBerry smartphones to wirelessly upload images from a BlackBerry smartphone to a Flickr account. Users may receive the following message when attempting to upload a photo:
Request Failed. Please try again later
To continue uploading your favorite photos to a Flickr account after March 1st, 2011, visit the Flickr mobile site using your BlackBerry Browser*:
It looks like those of you who are Flickr users will now have to use the Flickr mobile site via your BlackBerry browser to upload any images after March 1st. This announcement comes as a surprise to a lot of users. Perhaps RIM is cutting Flickr to invest time in other projects? Are you now a disgruntled Flickr user?