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    RIM Introduces Opportunity To Trade-Up Your Blackberry For Up To $120!

    Do you own a BlackBerry? Do you live in the United States? If so you're in luck! RIM introduced its brand new "BlackBerry Trade-Up Program" for people like you. For users that want a newer BlackBerry smartphone, the program allows you to trade in your eligible device for up to $120 back.

    In my opinion, this deal is going to work for some and not work for others. With websites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, many users may feel that they can get more than "up to" a maximum of $120 for their device and they may be absolutely correct. However, it might be a good exchange for you as you're offered a newer BlackBerry in exchange.

    The website is operated by The Wireless Source, not RIM directly. The website asks that you describe your item and then in return they will make you a monetary offer or help you recycle your device, whichever you prefer. I say get some money!

    TradeUp's website claims that:
    "We have put $16,109,685.48 into customers' piggy banks since 2008... [Our customers] have recycled 944.12 tons of electronics through TradeUps."
    My question to you is: Is using this TradeUp Program worth it to you or would you a) keep your device instead or b) use an outside website like eBay or Amazon?

    - Avonlea

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    In the Uk vodafone offered me the same deal when I got my 9780. Maybe that's why my old 8900 has froze ?

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