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    BlackBerry FlashBack: Nextel BlackBerry 6510 Released By RIM

    On this day Dec. 3rd back in 2002, the first "walkie-talkie" BlackBerry 6510 for Nextel was released. This new java based model carried a digital cellular phone, email, organizer, walkie-talkie and web applications in the palm of your hand.

    "With integrated support for Nextel's popular 'walkie-talkie' feature as well as email, phone, web and organizer features, the BlackBerry 6510 is a new and exciting 2.5G wireless handheld that we expect to be very popular." claimed RIM's President and Co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis.

    Some of the 6510's sleek 2002 specs are listed below:

    OS: v1.2
    Size: 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.94 inches (LxWxD)
    Weight: 5.8 oz
    Memory: 8 MB flash memory
    Battery Life: Talk/ 2.8 Hrs max - Standby/75 Hrs
    Display: High contrast monochrome
    Resolution: 160 x 100
    Microprocessor: 32-bit processor
    Includes BlackBerry Desktop Software Supported by version 1.6 or higher
    Modem: Embedded RIM® wireless modem

    You just don't realize how good you have it nowadays with cellphone technology. I used to talk on my BlackBerry walking uphill both ways to and from school everyday!
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