David Yach, Chief Technology Officer at RIM confirms plans today for adding The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) team to RIM. “We’re excited that the TAT team will be joining RIM and bringing their talent to the BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphone platforms.”

For those not familiar with TAT, they are renowned for their innovative mobile user interface (UI) designs and have a long history of working with mobile and embedded technology. TAT focuses on delivering great user experiences, from a design, technology and usability perspective. Their design technology is used today in a variety of industries including the consumer electronics and automotive sectors. They’re currently in over 470 million devices around the world.

TAT creates some of the best performing, most astonishingly beautiful user interfaces for any screen and device. They do this using awesome design, optimized technology, and constant experimentation with emerging technologies and paradigms.

TAT has a long history of working with mobile and embedded technology. They designed for the first mobile phone color screen, and over the years learned the makings of a great UI, from a design, technology, and usability perspective.

They work with companies across the spectrum, from hardware and software platform vendors, to mobile device OEM’s, the automotive industry, consumer electronics manufacturers, network operators and service providers. As part of our design and technology prototyping, they also do field testing and UX previews with end users.