2 short years ago on this day in BlackBerry history, RIM and the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology(SIT) in Germany, announced the findings of a sucessful security analysis. They confirmed the high quality and secure architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and the strong protection of data it provided.

A security certification was issued to RIM for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Exchange, which confirmed that there were no backdoors or hidden functionalities found and that RIM nor other third parties would have access to any data.

With the approved secure key establishment and key exchange protocols in the BlackBerry architecture, the confidentiality and integrity of pushed content is provided and can not be intercepted by any party inside the communication channel,” said Dr. Claudia Eckert, Director of Fraunhofer Institute SIT. “BlackBerry communication provides end-to-end security for the evaluated interactions and services between BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The security certificate from the The Fraunhofer Institute SIT expires in Dec of this year.

The previous news release was one of the reasons myself and millions of other users decided on the BlackBerry platform. And also because it's one sexy mutha!