So let me start this out by saying, ya, I copied his image link location right from his website. Oh well. I think he'll forgive me. Now, usually I do a review on software, applications or a device. This will be my first time I have done a review for a website. So Videos4blackberry, you will always be a part of my life, you have taken my website review virginity. Was it good?

Now, just like the majority of the people who are addicted to BlackberryOS enjoy passing time while watching videos on their phone. AND if you are just like me then you don't have the time to find a decent converter to convert your files to make the Blackberry happy and play your videos correctly. Well, after many days sitting at the airport with nothing to watch on my Blackberry, God had answered my prayers. Yes, God. I was introduced to Videos4Blackberry.

I went there expecting it to just be a site where you can download regular movies and then have to convert them yourself. Well, I was wrong. In fact, after seeing that I could just download their videos right to my phone, I felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my pants. Ya, don't ask. Videos4Blackberry has everything you need for videos. He has movies, tv shows, cartoons AND, oh yes, my first video I downloaded off of the website was, Worlds Hottest Girls which where nude. OH YA! Sorry girls. Anyways, he has everything over there. Missed the latest House episode? Nooo problemo, he's got it.

Ya, I will admit, I have not been to the site in a few weeks, I've been busy but the site layout has changed slightly and I have to say, I like it. Its very easy to figure out and get around.

Overall, if you need any video or movie, Videos4Blackberry is the place to go! He has it if he doesn't, simply contact him and hes good enough to find it for you. If you have never been there? Well, its time for you to venture on over there and check it out.

Lets hear what you think.

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