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    Bell Mobility Adds BlackBerry Email Solution

    Research In Motion and Bell Mobility have released news today that Bell Mobility will provide the BlackBerry email solution along its data network. Customers in Canada can now take advantage of RIM's BlackBerry Exchange Edition and BlackBerry Internet Edition.

    Yes, if you were a Canadian BlackBerry customer back on this day September 19th, 2000 this was the news release you were waiting for. Just a mere ten years ago today, Bell Mobility customers now had the ability to access their email on the go. The whole BlackBerry package now enabled business people with a powerful handheld device which included docking to a PC, Organization software, Enterprise Server Software and now email access all on Bell Mobility's wireless ARDIS network.

    Along with all of the aforementioned features, Bell Mobility at the time, had partnered with a Neomar, Inc. which provided their WAP microbrowser for use with the BlackBerry devices.

    This was a huge step for Canadian customers of BlackBerry and Bell Mobility. Two leaders in the mobile industry brought an important feature to handhelds at this point in time. Mobile devices were now truly becomming "smart".

    Check back for some more Flashbacks to the BlackBerry Future, where I'll be digging up some more "remember when..." RIM info.

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    I remember this dinosaur!!

    The company I was with at the time was a test user for this. We had someone go down to Mexico with it and when he sent emails it was all gibberish. We all figured this was a bust and never thought of it again....had we only known!!!!!!!!!!

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