According to Research In Motion, Q2 saw approximately 4 1/2 million new BlackBerry subscribers added. This brings their total accounts number to over 50 million. In this quarter, RIM shipped out about 12 million smartphones.

Numbers, Numbers & more Numbers:
  • Revenue up 31% to 4.62 billion compared to last year.
  • A 45% increase in shipments of smartphones totalling 12.1 million compared to same quarter last year(a new record).
  • Subscriber base rose 56% over last year bringing that total to 50 million plus.
  • Shares increased 76% to $1.46 over last years Q2.
  • Net income for the quarter at $796.7 million. Up from $475.6 million of same quarter last year.
Q2 Revenue Breakdown:
  • Devices = 79%
  • Service = 17%
  • Software = 1%
  • Other = 3%
Research In Motion's Co-CEO, Jim Balsillie claimed that the strong financial results of Q2 was due to a strong demand for BlackBerry smartphones and services all over the world along with effective business execution. He was also quoted as saying, "We expect a continuation of this momentum in the third quarter as we extend the rollout of new products including the BlackBerry Torch into additional markets and benefit from heavy promotional activities and increasing customer demand as we head into the holiday buying season."

Do these numbers make any sense to you? Do you think they might be a little inflated? RIM doesn't seem to doing as bad as people might want or expect them to.