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    First off, I'm not condoning the actions of foriegn governments, and really think RIM should just say whatever and walk away...but that will not happen.

    That said, after reading the posts above, I think we're missing the mark by trying to draw paralells with our own way of living, and the freedoms we enjoy. I have to say Bugly, very nice breakdown for the word of the decade and how it frequently changes. Yes, the term terrorism has replaced commie for us here in North America. However, terrorism is a very real part of everyday life in places like India, UAE, Iran and Iraq. We read about it everyday and see it on the news. Also, the respective governments, in a bid to hold on to the power they barely have a grasp on, do run a police state, and controlling speech and communication is a very large part of that.

    Businesses like RIM, Google, Nokia...the list goes on, knew this long before they broke into these markets. And as such, they new there was a price to pay. Giving these governments the access they demand to emails and chat clients is that price. If they want the money associated with thses markets, they will comply, and they do as we have seen. This is just another example of the god almighty dollar taking precident.

    If it were not for the fact that foriegn governments are using this as a platform for them to flex they're muscle, we would have not had heard a word about it. RIM would have quietly complied in some fasion, and as I have mentioned before in the forums on this subject, a contigency plan was already in place with RIM for this very problem...long before they cracked into market.

    Morally, the likes of RIM, Google and everyone else is concerned, should just walk away when these demands were first put forward. However, living in the real world and not the utopian society that some like to believe, no company is going to willingly walk away from that kind of money...regardless of what it costs them, or any values they need to comprimise as a result.

    Ok, I now pass my soapbox off to the next speaker.

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    Well said, Josh! Good points indeed. (This is not my sarcastic voice, BTW..)
    Terrorism in one form or another has existed and will continue to exist until the end of time. The key to vanquishing the beast is to stop feeding him. Giving in and cowtowing to their demands and remaining in a state of fear will only serve to make them stronger, and will give those who would try their hand at it even more reason to try.
    If local police and governmental agencies would stop their "war on the citizens" long enough to properly prosecute those in terrorist activities, we could all get on with our lives and move forward as a species. Problem is; there is no money in it. The detection, capture and prosecution (including incarceration when necessary) costs millions, perhaps billions of those un-backed dollars. It strikes me funny that the governments of the world can print money at a frantic rate to wage war on one another, but can't seem to find a dime to stop the real threats to our society.
    (stepping temporarily off soap-box and handing it to the next...)

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