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Time to review a game. I was going to start my reviews on here with reviewing Air Traffic Controller, which I will do next but I wanted to get this game out there to the users of BlackberryOS. The game is called Field Of Towers the basic idea behind is creating a field of towers to prevent the wave of enemies from getting through. You start with little cash and smaller "attack" towers. Each tower has a different effect on the enemy. The more of the effect, obviously the more money it will cost. All I have to say about this game is it is VERY addictive. I think more addictive then Air Traffic Controller. I highly suggest you guys spending the $4.99 to get this game. I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think you guys would like it.
You can purchase this game in the BlackberryOS store.

Download Field of Towers by clicking here

I would really like to hear your feedback on this one. See if you guys become addicted like I have.