In what seems to be a very unconventional move, RIM has published a knowledge base article concerning an issue with its Curve 9330, slated for Sprint customers. What's unconventional you ask? Well, this phone hasn't even been released yet. Nor has there been a release date provided.

The issue at hand is that the Curve 9330 at the time of it's initial launch, may have some problems doing a Master Factory Reset using the ##RTN command. What happens to the phone when doing the ##RTN command? Well, you may possibly lose all preloaded games, other than BrickBreaker and Word Mole. And, your BlackBerry Appworld storefront.

The semi-workaround is to just reinstall App World, but for the games, they're gone for good. This bug seems to be one that many people may not care about, and it seems like RIM doesn't either at the moment.