Another developer gobbled up by Smartphone giant RIM happened today. According to Cellmania's website, they are "now part of Research In Motion." Cellmania is a developer of software that runs many mobile phone stores. RIM, it seems is trying to keep up with the IPhone and Android marketplaces and this seems to be a great step in that direction.

Cellmania plans to bring it's knowledge and expertise to the BlackBerry platform and using it's technology to help give BlackBerry Appworld a well deserved boost. Appworld 2.0 was just recently released, but this is acquisition no doubt means we shall see another update rather soon.

Appworld 3.0 anyone?

At the time of purchase, Cellmania included Sprint and T-Mobile as part of their client base. Their mFinder product offered a white label content system including content management, DRM management, OTA delivery for media, music, ringtones, video and Java to mobile phones.