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    New BlackBerry Torch on Sale with Amazon for only $99

    Have you been just sitting back reading all of the 9800 Torch news and wondering if you will buy the phone or not??? Well here is a bit of news that I am sure will tip you in the purchase area. The 9800 Torch is currently on Amazon for only $99. This price is with activation of a 2 year contact. This is really good for those who are looking to add a new line to their AT&T account or for those looking to switch to AT&T for the Torch or other device. Any NEW activation of a 2 year contract and Amazon will give you a 50% off savings. That is a SWEET deal, if you are doing an activation. Sorry guys, if you already have a 2 year contract and are looking to renew, I assume it is the standard $199.

    For those that will take advantage of this deal, congrats and you have to tell us what you will do with the $100 you will save...

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    which one? I've lost count!
    Let me check!
    I got my 9800 for $99 from Let's Talk through Ebates and got a $45.00 ebate, so that makes it $44.00!

    I also placed a separate order to add a 3rd line to our account and got a phone for my son for $19 with another $45.00 ebate. To add this same phone as the 3rd line on the original order would have been $99.

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