It is FINALLY Official!!! For a few months now we have seen leaked images and other confirmed rumors for this upcoming device, The BlackBerry Curve 3G. Today RIM confirmed the launch of the new device. The Rumor is No More!!! The Curve 3G "9300" seems to be the successor to the Curve 8500 series devices. The device will come pre-installed with OS 5.0, but is on the list to receive the BlackBerry 6 OS upgrade.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile also made an official announcement that the Curve 3G will be arriving in stores within the next few weeks. T-Mobile also announced that it will be available in two colors: Smoky Violet and Graphite Grey. With 3G and wi-fi speeds, it still doesn't make me a fan of the Curve line but I bet you Curve fans probably can't wait to get your hands on this. Jump onto the links to see the BlackBerry Curve 3G's specs and discuss your thoughts on the new generation of the Curve.