Most of you who watch TV may have noticed a few BBM commercials airing over the past month, we BBM addicts have pinged RIM's attention, letting them know we love the messenging capabilities they have brought to our beloved So now RIM has promoted more and more BBM to show off their ultimate BlackBerry messaging software and to drive up sales. To push things further, RIM has set up a partnership with Media Xomad LLC to host late night events starting August 7, named "BBM Tastemaker's Event Series."

Rim will also introduce more BBM into the music scene with some events in Canada through the rest of the summer. You'll have your chance to win some VIP passes and maybe the worlds ugliest vehicle (imo) the Nissan Cube, and more, all by just adding friends using the barcodes that will be placed all around the sites-like the pic up above. Representatives in tents will demo the latest BlackBerry devices for you to check out. With BlackBerry 6 and the all new 9800 Torch right around the corner, you will likely see RIM advertising more BBM, they know we BBMers can't get enough. Click the links below to check out BlackBerry's official blog for more details and a list of musical acts and also visit to see the details on the events planned for the series. Don't forget to visit the forums and discuss your obsession to BBM.