Research In Motion has opened their doors to the first BlackBerry retail store in China this Wednesday, making for a better user experience in purchases and with hopes to expand its mark on the world. Company spokeswoman Natalie Wang noted that RIM plans to open more retail stores in the coming years but did not provide details on that statement.

So far though, the Curve 8910 and Curve 8310 are the only devices available with no word as of yet if newer devices will be available in the future. I would seriously hope so being that those devices are basically BlackBerry ghosts of RIM's past, I also think this could be a big stepping ground for the anticipated OS 6 ready to be released later this year along with new (and improved) devices ready to blow more competition out of the water.

Another RIM spokesperson has confirmed that the store is in-fact not run by RIM but by Digital China. While this is the first retail store to open in China; other BlackBerry retail store exist here in the US, including one in Farmington Hills, MI that opened a few years ago. I would like to see a BlackBerry retail store here in Minnesota, we need it and deserve it, we have the Mall of America! We have room in there for you RIM.