It seems as though RIM is on pace for the release of their new OS. Between new devices showing up, future rumored devices and sneak peaks of OS 6, the slight questionable buzz that had been surrounding us is becoming a faint roar. Little bits of news, videos and software updates, are giving the BlackBerry community something more to look forward to.

The Official BlackBerry Developers Blog just updated their front page to encourage BlackBerry developers to be a little more patient. They suggest that it won't be long before more information will be available to help developers transition over to the new OS. For both Java developers and web developers, they will be introducing new user interface controls, Universal Search integration, and a Barcode Capture API, redefining BlackBerry Widgets as well as an in-depth discussion of the new Webkit browser.

Looks like there are many interesting things ahead and I am very excited to see how everything comes together! What about you?