Of what value is BES to you? Well, RIM helps you to understand a little more of what BES can do for your business, and they help you understand with...paper. That's right! Paper, cardboard, sticks, wires and thread. For a company that boasts technology, you would expect some fantastic, imaginative, advanced display of high-tech artistry. Well, it is imaginative and artistic to say the least. For those of us who are BES illiterate, you can walk away from this YouTube video understanding more of what BES can offer.

BES is designed for businesses that have an on-site email server and require a higher level of IT control. One thing that stood out in the video, besides the cool paper cut-outs, was the statement that "technology moves on, but we are giving you a platform, not a smartphone." Most of us look at some of the other smartphones from other companies and say "I wish my BlackBerry had this" or "I wish it had these cool features." But when it comes down to it, what is the true purpose of the BlackBerry? I don't think its just for thrills and giggles.