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    Devcon 2010 Approaches

    With the BlackBerry Developers Conference approaching, we see a bunch of things being mixed up on the BlackBerry side for applications. By previewing some of the talk topics, we see RIM is pushing the capabilities of OS6 and how to write better apps. For example, one session is called " BlackBerry 6 APIs -- Bridging the Gap" which focuses on the new APIs found in OS6 and how to use those to create better applications. The folks at BerryReview also dug up some pretty interesting talks, such as WebKit Apps and OS6. In this talk, the folks at ThumbPlay talk about how they wrote their music app to leverage the HTML5 capabilities in the new WebKit browser.
    If you are an application developer, corporate application developer, or an average consumer that loves BlackBerry this is your opportunity to rub elbows with RIM's elite.

    Conference is held Sept 27-30 in San Francisco, California.
    Have a look at a few of the sessions:

    • The BlackBerry Smartphone Advantage: Do What Others Can't
    • WebKit Apps & BlackBerry OS 6
    • Power up Your (Super) App with the Google App Engine
    • Take Advantage of the New Universal Search API
    • New Mapping Tools in BlackBerry 6
    • Building Next Generation Context Aware Applications using BlackBerry APIs

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