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    Appcelerator Support For BlackBerry Devices?

    Appcelerator has announced they will be providing beta support the BlackBerry platform. What does this mean to you and me? Keep reading.

    Appcelerator currently provides cross-platform support for multiple devices (think iPhone, iPad and Android) with a huge developer base. The new beta program will allow those developers to create applications much easier and faster for our BlackBerry devices. With that, applications that are exclusive to the dark side (again, think Apple, etc.) may become available to us RIM devotees very soon. According to an internal survey, nearly 50% of the developer pool is interested in the creating applications for the BlackBerry.

    A quote from Appcelerator's Press Release sums up the reasoning behind this move:
    The Titanium platform enables web developers that lack Java or Objective-C knowledge – the languages required for Android, BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone development – to create native apps quickly and easily using the JavaScript knowledge they already have. Apps made with Appcelerator’s Titanium platform look, function and perform as fully native apps with native UI components, native code compilation, and native access to the device’s storage, multimedia, input, and geo-location APIs.
    The largest issue facing developers today is the sheer multitude of platforms and the differing technologies employed by each of them. Just because you are able to develop applications for an Android device (using the native Android SDK for example) does NOT mean you will be successful in any other environment.

    Appcelerator changes that by allowing the use of web development tools that are standard across all devices to create your application. The ease of development that is being offered is part of the reason the App Store and even the Android Market have had such an explosion of applications.

    For those of us waiting desperately for salvation from OS 6.0, this may be another point of salvation. If "next-gen" applications will soon be available WITH an OS that provides support for widgets, etc., we may have the best of both worlds.

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