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    Good deal!! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fletchdude View Post
    Good deal!! Thanks!
    Anytime Fletch.

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    OK Party People!! (Whoop-Whoop!!)

    I'm now running on my far, this is the best one yet! Here are my findings so far:

    File Free: 33.9 MB
    Pix Msg: works great
    Blackberry Messenger: works great
    Txt Msg: works great
    Browser: faster than before
    Email: works great
    Accelerometer: works great

    When I had downloaded .132 a week back, I noticed that after the upgrade, I had to go back into Blackberry Desktop Manager > Backup and Restore > Restore to get my information back. For some reason, it didn't do it automatically. I also had to do at least 3 soft resets before the phone would work normally. I also had at least one problem with a random reboot but I also saw some pixelating as well (when switching between screens) and overall there was some general slowness. The accelerometer had a mind of its own too.

    One of the first things I noticed about the upgrade to .141 is that it did not take nearly as long as previous upgrades. It only took about 40 minutes total. The others took at least an hour. I only had to do one soft reset (remove/reinsert battery) since the 1XEV was not showing on my signal indicator (by the way, it is always recommended to do the soft reset at least once after doing one of these upgrades...the phone performs much better afterwards). The accelerometer is working much better than before and the phone is overall quicker when switching between screens. One feature that does seem to carry over from build-to-build is the full keyboard option when in portrait mode. It's very nice, my only complaint is my fingers are too big and I often hit the wrong letter if I'm typing in a hurry. Another thing I just noticed is the camera is lightning quick now. There was a bit of a delay before. If there is going to be an "official" release, I would say this would have to be the one from everything I'm seeing...although you never really know until you know (most of you should know what that means). Overall everything works well. The phone feature works good too, no problems placing/receiving calls.

    Overall, I would say version .141 is excellent & is by far better than any of the previous versions. Check it out. But when you're doing the not get impatient as these things do take some time. So if you haven't done so yet, you know what to do!!

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